Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dolmenwood Solo Session

Donny Brooks (Half Elf Bard 1)
Mike O'Nidd (Myconid 1)
Brock Strangler (Muscle Wizard 1)

I generated the party's starting equipment using the career tables in Warhammer. Donny rolled entertainer, Mike is a prospector (has a mule that he calls "Lunch") and Brock an erstwhile alchemist's apprentice (which didn't give him anything). Mike's spellbook is a dubious copy of Barnabus Sleet's Spells of the Fist bearing an imprint of "Rome 1462." The text was printed upside down and is in Goblin.

First they all searched for mushrooms and each was successful. While that was going on they ran into an adventuring party of two moss dwarves, a wood grue, an elf, a fighter and a cleric who threatened the party. Donny made a joke that went over poorly but the group was able to walk away. They returned to Prigwort and promoted Donny's performance at The Clashed Antler. Three candidates for retainers presented themselves, an adult male fighter 1 who was too expensive, an adolescent girl and a woodgrue 1. The woodgrue joined as a full party member and Donny hired the girl as a handmaiden. They hear about a tomb somewhere in the hex. Five moon does graze outside the cottages that night.

The next morning they eat breakfast and send Ethegan Candleswick (the handmaiden) to the Oaf in the Oast for sandwiches for the group. Donny and Mike sell some mushrooms to the four elves having breakfast at the Clashed Antler. They decide to look for the tomb they heard about. Their exploration is fruitless and they narrowly avoid some giant ants foraging in the forest. They return to their cottages to sleep.

The next day they try the same thing. The day is bitter cold with no clouds or wind. They discover the tomb return to the Antler and are accosted by the Bounderboys but manage to go to bed with no violence. The next morning they buy two days worth of sandwiches and meet a friendly wizard in the common room. The wizard is Clewd Who Bargains with Boguns and Barghests. He knows the spell light. Like Ethegan he is self-deprecating and wants to become a warrior. The party hires him and buys him a pair of sandwiches. Upon returning to the tomb they realize that they don't have torches. They send Mike in to scout. He searches for hours until he finds Acolytes of Orcus.